Early each morning, before breakfast, we'll meet in the lodge for Morning Watch. This is a time for morning prayer, singing, and learning about God. It happens first thing in the morning, before breakfast, because we believe that God makes the morning and each new day with all that it brings; food, friends and life come from Him.


A large part of Morning Watch is being ALONE with God. During this time, one can pray, thanking God for a new & beautiful day, asking direction for living it and listening for God. It is a time for you and God to be alone together.


These are the times each day where we attempt to experience discovery, adventure, and Christian love. They are vital to everyone's camping experience. Often cabins and counselors are given the opportunity to lead all of us in these worship experiences.


This is our Tuesday evening Vespers. The service will be held on the far side of the lake, on the man-made levee. As a boat glides silently into shore from across this small lake, it is very easy to dream of Lake Galilee. While the person in the boat is not Jesus, his spirit is certainly here, and we know that there is a sweet, sweet Spirit with us here!


This is our Thursday evening program. Come to our "Green Cathedral: and there join your fellow campers and staff in a service of worship and Consecration to God. This long-standing camp tradition has brought with it change and new meaning to each year's camp. You, as a camper, new or old, will again add to the "Spirit of Tar Hollow." This night may give you the chance to learn something new about yourself, your neighbor, and most importantly, about your God. Will you consecrate yourself to God?


From the closing of the Consecration Service Thursday night, until the start of the Communion Service Friday morning, is a time of silent meditation set aside for you to think about your week at camp, your feelings toward others, and your personal relationship with God. You are also asked to write a letter, addressed to yourself, expressing some of your feelings and thoughts, and recalling the week's experiences. This letter will be sealed, and then collected by the staff. It will be mailed to you the first of the New Year to help you recall Tar Hollow and your Consecration.


The start of this service ends the silence of meditation. It becomes both a promise to God and a celebration of our consecration and commitment.


While this is not a worship service as such, it does again strengthen our sense of community and togetherness. It is indeed a night to remember as each camper and staff places their name on a plaque, a very special and unique symbol of this year's camp. It is a ceremony of great meaning and honor.


This brings our camp to a proper close and is our "good-bye" for the year. As we join in this early morning worship and fellowship, all are welcome to come and share in this final statement of fellowship and brotherhood and understanding through love. It is also our first statement of commitment to Tar Hollow Christian Adventure Camp for the coming year!


Each evening after Friendship Circle, each cabin of campers and counselors gathers by itself for a closing devotion. These may be times of sharing, growth, worship and prayer. It is hoped that each cabin creates a worship center, or altar, within the cabin, around which all can gather in understanding and love. PLEASE NO CANDLES!